Toolbars & Windows

Tools Toolbar

Tools toolbar hosts main drawing and repaint tools.

  1. Arm Tool & Zoom 
  2. Drawing Tools: Pen Tool, Gradient Pen, Color Protect Pen, De-color Pen, Eraser.  
  3. Drawing Modes: Freehand & Line work with  all Pen tools and Eraser
  4. Repaint Tools: Repaint, HSB Repaint, Color Picker Tool

Top Toolbars

Other major toolbars are:

  1. File toolbar: Open, Save Document  / Export Image 
  2. Undo / Redo Toolbar
  3. Masks:  Normal & Overlay Masks
  4. Import / Export Masks  to *CMSK files (Pro Edition Only)
  5. Brush size toolbar – sets size for Pens and Eraser Brushes
  6. Actions – Process Image /Partial Processing

Additional toolbars offer access to Project Explorer, Document Info, Printing, Registration etc. 

Enable Missing Toolbars & Dock Windows

You can enable disabled toolbars and Dock Windows, from the Context or Main Menus.  

Option 1. Right click (Win) / Cmd + Click  (Mac) over empty toolbar area to call Context Menu.

Option 2. Go to View -> Toolbars (Dock Windows)

Reposition Toolbars

You can change position of the toolbars and dock windows by dragging and dropping them over to the new position.

Step 1. Click the toolbar handle and drag it over the work  area. 

Step 2. Move the toolber to a new location on the toolbar area (e.g. top or left-side toolbar area)

Step 3. Once the frame displaying the potential position shows up, release the mouse button. The toolbar will snap to it. NOTE: If you drop the toolbar, before the frame shows up, it will remain floating over the working  area.

Dock Windows

Dock windows area hosts (A) Color Libraries (B) History, (C) Undo Stack, (D)  Navigator, (E) Gradient Settings, (F) Color Picker NOTE: the order of the dock windows may vary.

To fit a single column, the Dock Windows are hidden under the tabs .

Reposition Dock Windows

To change the order of the dock windows:

Step 1. Click and hold the Window header
Step 2. Drag the window over the window area, until the black  frame shows up.
Step 3. Release the mouse button. The window will snap to its new position.  

Alternatively, drop it over the working area to keep it at hand.